Family Success Stories

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Paula’s Story

Lying in bed — her kids asleep in their own rooms, her apartment modestly decorated, a life’s  worth of boxes actually unpacked, working full time

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Melissa’s Story

Melissa remembers seeing her room at Loisann’s Hope House for the first time. The amenities were what many would take for granted but she had

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Nick’s Story

Nick and his family were homeless and came to Loisann’s Hope House. He loves the Rosner YMCA summer camp and tells his story ….

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Shauna’s Story

Loisann’s Hope House makes a difference in lives of teenagers. Meet our newest Loisann’s Hope House Junior Ambassador, Shauna and hear her story.

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Keith’s Story

Keith entered Hope House with his mother and two siblings.  He was a beautiful energetic young boy. Keith was in the second grade and his

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Rena’s Story

Rena and her 12 year old daughter arrived in Fredericksburg to help a relative with a sick child and she felt that her family needed

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Glenda’s Story

Glenda entered Hope House in May of 2009. She was newly divorced and seeking a fresh start for herself and her four children. Glenda was

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Tracey’s Story

Tracey and her young daughter entered the country as Swiss citizens. Tracey wed and had a son. Shortly after wedding, she was forced to leave

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Patsy’s Story

Patsy had been living with her husband of 18 years when she discovered that he had not been paying the mortgage or any other bills

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Kevin’s Story

Homelessness influences every aspect of a child’s life from the beginnings of infancy to young adults. The experience of homelessness can impact the physical, emotional,

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Michelle & John’s Story

Many more families than usual have struggled during the past few years due to the country’s economic downturn.  Americans have been confronted with unprecedented challenges

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Do you need Shelter?

If you are in any of the following situations, contact our Homelessness Helpline:

Sleeping outside (including in a car, tent, or abandoned building), In need of emergency shelter, At risk of sleeping outside or needing emergency shelter within 14 days