Keith’s Story

Keith entered Hope House with his mother and two siblings.  He was a beautiful energetic young boy. Keith was in the second grade and his mother was frustrated with the numerous complaints from the school regarding his behavior.  Teachers observed that he was extremely active and had difficulty focusing.  This created a challenge for him completing his work.  His mother felt that the teachers needed to be stern because she did not experience the same behavior at home with him.  She acknowledged he was active, and felt that little boys were naturally more active.

Hope House staff advised Keith’s Mother to consult a doctor.  He quickly examined and his Mother was given a special diet for him. The diet was implemented to help with his hyperactivity and lack of focus. Some improvement was noticed, but school work continued to be a challenge.  A second doctor’s visit with a specialist was arranged and he was placed on a small dose of medication during the weekdays.  The improvement is school was almost instant.  The teachers felt that his focus and concentration was greatly improved.  Keith’s grades reflected that improvement.

He is currently in fifth grade and continues to attend school in the community.  He is an honor roll student and has been placed in advanced classes.  He continues to take a low dose of medication during the school week. Keith’s mother is getting married and he is truly excited to have a father in the home


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