Naming Rights

As the region’s oldest and largest family homeless shelter, Loisann’s Hope House has transformed the lives of thousands of families and is the lead agency for families experiencing a housing crisis. Located in the city of Fredericksburg, Loisann’s Hope House has continued growing to meet the needs families in our region, and now consists of five homes providing shelter to 19 families.

Request for Proposals for Naming Rights

Loisann’s Hope House will accept proposals from benefactors for NAMING RIGHT opportunities. The naming rights include internal and external features of the existing homes, which may include rooms, outdoor areas or buildings. The features and buildings may be named directly after the benefactor, or it may retain or be given a functional title agreed upon by Loisann’s Hope House and the donor.

Evaluation, qualification and award of Naming Rights will be made in the best interest of Loisann’s Hope House. Naming rights are awarded at the discretion of the Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors.


Untitled 5
Houses 3 families​

826 Lafayette Blvd.

Minimum Donation: $75,000

Untitled 4
Houses 4 families

900 Lafayette Blvd.

Minimum Donation: $100,000

Untitled 1 1
Houses 4 families​

904 Lafayette Blvd.

Minimum Donation: $50,000

Untitled 3
Houses 5 families and administrative offices

902 Lafayette Blvd.

Minimum Donation: $125,000

Untitled 2
Houses 3 families

909 Lafayette Blvd.

Minimum Donation: $100,000

Designated Areas

Naming Rights are a financial donation that constitutes a partnership between the donor and Loisann’s Hope House to end family homelessness in our region. Please contact Loisann’s Hope House to learn more or to tour and see first-hand the areas available for Naming Rights.

Do you need Shelter?

If you are in any of the following situations, contact our Homelessness Helpline:

Sleeping outside (including in a car, tent, or abandoned building), In need of emergency shelter, At risk of sleeping outside or needing emergency shelter within 14 days