Glenda’s Story

Glenda entered Hope House in May of 2009. She was newly divorced and seeking a fresh start for herself and her four children. Glenda was displaced once her marriage fell apart and unable to afford housing. She could not turn to her family because they were unable to help. Glenda felt alone and disconnected to friends and family. She could no longer turn to the one person who she believed was always there for and depended on – her husband.

Upon entering Hope House, Glenda was completing her EMS certification while working part-time. Within three months, she completed the certification and was enrolled as a full-time student at Germanna Community College. In addition, Glenda began to aggressively pay off old debt and save for the future.

Glenda graduated the Hope House program, completed all the pre-requisites for her RN degree at Germanna, works full-time to support her family and has paid the final note on the family van.  She also makes sure her children are involved in extra-curricular activities and receive additional help with school work as needed.  Although life continues to be a struggle as a single parent of four, we are confident that Glenda can weather the storm and come out stronger than she was before.


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