Junior Ambassador Program

Teen Volunteer PictureJunior Ambassador Program

Interested in becoming a Loisann's Hope House Junior Ambassador? By getting involved in the Junior Ambassador program you can help end the cycle of homelessness. Here is how you can help:

The Loisann's Hope House Junior Ambassador Program brings together, trains and supports teens to advocate for and talk about the impact homelessness “has” in their community, with their elected officials and before their peers at school, sports leagues, scout troops, camps and after-school programs. As a Youth Junior Ambassador, they will also have the opportunity to lead efforts in the community in helping to achieve ending the cycle of homelessness; through various projects and activities.

What's Involved?

Here are a few things you'll be asked to do as a Junior Ambassador:

  • Make a commitment for an entire calendar year.
  • Let your school know about Loisann's Hope House and the needs within the Fredericksburg region
  • Show a video about homelessness at local schools at an assembly and/or invite leadership to speak with you.
  • Organize a wish list drive to collect needed items for the children and families impacted by homelessness. Take lead in or get people to do a fundrasing event such as a casual day, sausage sizzle or bake sale at your school.
  • Be a tour guide at Loisann's Hope House.
  • In High School? We have volunteering opportunities for high school students. Why not put a group together from your school?
  • If you have Facebook or Instagram, share our posts with your friends.
  • Touch base with s at least once a school term so we can support you.

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What You Need To Do Next

  • Click on the Volunteer link and print out the volunteer applications.
  • Complete the Volunteer application and say you want to be a Junior Ambassador.
  • Drop off your application at Loisann's Hope House located at 902 Lafayette Blvd.
  • You will be interviewed, so make sure you have some thoughts about what you can do.
  • Once you signed up- It's time to get started and join in! Get others on your team.