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Patsy had been living with her husband of 18 years when she discovered that he had not been paying the mortgage or any other bills and writing bad checks. They were evicted from their home. Patsy's husband abandoned the family and left them a large amount of debt. Patsy and her 14 year old son…
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Homelessness influences every aspect of a child's life from the beginnings of infancy to young adults. The experience of homelessness can impact the physical, emotional, cognitive, social and behavioral development of a child. By the time they reach school age homelessness greatly impacts their academic life. They are often confronted with stressful and traumatic events…
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Michelle & John

Many more families than usual have struggled during the past few years due to the country's economic downturn.  Americans have been confronted with unprecedented challenges like the loss of jobs, difficulty in paying bills, and home foreclosures. Michelle and her teenage son, John, are among local families who faced the unthinkable. With Michele employed by…
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April’s Story

Loisann's Hope House has helped thousands of families get off the street and on their feet. There are so many other children and families at risk and in need of our services. Our program is vital! Take a moment to hear April's story.

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