Donors / Partners

Our Partners

No one person or agency can do it all. That's why partnerships are so important to our efforts. In fact, we consider our supporters the key to our community's success towards ending homelessness. Our community partners coordinate and work together within our community through, housing, services, and funding. We are grateful for our partners and their targeted efforts. Each of us plays a significant role in our community.  

Thurman Brisben Center (TBC): An Emergency Shelter - that provides at-risk and homeless 80 men, women and children with appropriate and essential shelter and services for 90 days. (540) 899-9853

Empowerhouse (formerly RCDV): A Domestic Violence Shelter - Provides emergency services including shelter and hotline, and support services including advocacy and educational groups. Community education is offered for groups and schools. (540) 373-9372

Micah Ecumenical Ministries: A Chronic Homeless Program - a Christ-centered ministry, supports people experiencing chronic homelessness. Increases homeless access to employment, housing, healthcare, and education.  Work includes basic needs center; cold weather shelter; respite house; housing support; volunteerism. (540) 479-4116

Rappahannock United Way: Mobilizes the caring power of communities. It invests your contributions in what matters most: solutions and services that improve lives and community conditions. (540) 373-0041

George Washington Regional Commission: The lead agency of the Fredericksburg Continuum of Care that serves as a network of organizations, community residents, and businesses that coordinates initiatives with the primary goal of ending homelessness in the George Washington Region (Planning District 16).

La Casa Realty, Inc: Real estate brokerage company specializing in property management services - La Casa Realty is a family owned and operated business that strives to provide comprehensive solutions for single and multi-family units that reflect the complex needs of property management and ownership.

Our Donors

Friends of Loisann's Hope House

Loisann’s Hope House believes as a community, we can end homelessness. No one person or agency can do it alone. Our friends of Loisann’s Hope House see a community need that still exists, a troubled economy that exacerbates that need,  and want to give children and their families rendered by a homeless crisis or personal tragedy a chance. We are proud that as leaders they have made this commitment to change our community. The impact is great and it is a reality that HOUSING SOLVES HOMELESSNESS!